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Meditation  Concert with Pavaka

Free entry

Friday, Nov 23rd, 7pm

Pavaka is a Montreal based guitarist and bassist who travels the globe to share the beautiful and powerful meditation music of Sri Chinmoy.

On Fri 23rd we are delighted to have Pavaka perform at Gandharva Loka Dublin – The World Music Store. Pavaka will play a selection of his arrangements and will also invite the audience to join in some mantric songs. Accompanying Pavaka will be Sadanand Magee with percussion / vocals and Gianluca Maragon with vocals.

His Ensemble is a group of musicians from around the world that come together in various combinations to arrange, perform and record music composed by Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007). Musicians and singers involved in the live group practice meditation based on the teachings of Sri Chinmoy who was a meditation teacher as well as a composer, poet, athlete and visual artist.

Check out Pavaka’s music here:

Gandharva Loka Music Store, No.62 South Great Georges Street, Dublin 2


Free 4 Evening Meditation Course 

2018 / 2019

In this series of courses you will be introduced to the world of meditation through guided exercises, visualisation, music and mantra. Discover practical and inspiring techniques that you will be able to incorporate into your day to day activities.

Text the number below and we will be in touch in due course with details of the next upcoming class.

  • Venue: 5 Little Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin 2
  • To register please call or text: 085 1450880 
  • Admission Free
  • As all classes in the course are sequential, we kindly ask you to try to attend at least 3 of the 4 classes. We also request that new comers do not join after the 2nd class.

Meditation. What is it good for? …absolutely everything! Whether you want more peace of mind at work, more artistic or musical creativity or need more energy and focus when you practice sport, meditation holds the key to unlocking the strength that we have within. More importantly it gives an understanding of our deeper nature and how we can make the most of each day. This two week course will offer a variety of meditation exercises to help you tap into the positive energy within. Go for it!

About us

The Dublin Sri Chinmoy Centre has been offering meditation classes free of charge to the general public for over 20 years – in that time thousands of people have come to our courses to learn the basics of meditation.We also offer concerts, and other artistic and athletic events dedicated to self-discovery and inner peace.

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Meditations for everybody.


With 222 techniques suggested by noted meditation teacher Sri Chinmoy, there’s something in this book for both beginners and advanced meditators alike.


Meditation resources

Some practical articles on starting an maintaining your meditation exercises, as well as free audio and video exercises.

Meditation in a busy world – a case study

One of our members, Natalia, owns the escape-room business 5 Quests in Cornelscourt; in a recent article from the Small Business Association, she describes a typical day in the life…

Addicted to screens?

Ambarish Keenan explores some ways in which our daily technology use takes away our peace of mind, and offers some suggestions on what to do with it.

Irish Times: 30 people making life better

Sadanand, one of our meditation class givers, got a nice mention in the Irish Times as one of 30 people making life better. It's a very nice compliment and one we hope we can continue to live up to in the years ahead. In the past 15 years, over 3000 people have...

Audio meditation exercises you can use

These are some nice meditation exercises based on some of the techniques that our teacher Sri Chinmoy taught us. This particular exercise is given by Kaivalya Torpy from London....

Why meditate?

To ease stress, we often become involved in a whole manner of mindless activities, many of which can only provide us with temporary relief. The stress continues. Sooner or later we are consulting doctors and therapists of one kind or another in the hope of ridding...

What are the benefits of meditation?

Stresses and challenges in my life, coupled with curiosity, interest and longing led me to meditation classes held in the Dublin Sri Chinmoy Centre. I am a working mother with two teenage children and had heard and read of meditation, but misunderstood it to be...

Meditation exercise 1: Focus on the Breath

This exercise will help you to sit still and concentrate, 2 basic requirements which will allow you to progress toward a meditation practice.  How often do we take time in our lives to simply sit still?  Not doing anything or thinking of anything but simply being? ...

Meditation exercise 2: Dynamic concentration

Sri Chinmoy advised people who were beginning meditation to first develop their power of concentration, in order to clear the mind of thoughts. Here we present two common meditation exercises, on using a candle and one using a flower. Candle exercise: Sit a few feet...