Music for Inner Peace


May 2019 – the latest concerts in our Songs of The Soul series

2 music groups with outstanding musicians from different countries perform
the song compositions of Maestro Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007). An evening full of magic – with dreamlike melodies and dynamic arrangements.

The groups included Ananda from the UK:

and Mangala’s group, an international singing group headed by our own Mangala Keenan from the Dublin Sri Chinmoy Centre.

Sri Chinmoy’s meditation music

Producer and humanitarian Quincy Jones praised the innovation and imagination of Sri Chinmoy’s music, commenting
“Sri Chinmoy is such a brave musician! God puts his hands on very few shoulders. It was definitely on Sri Chinmoy’s shoulder,”
while compatriot and leading Indian musician of the modern era Ravi Shankar declared,“Sri Chinmoy has a tremendous, a fantastic creative urge!”

For Sri Chinmoy, music was more than art, entertainment or even self-expression —it was language of the soul, a bridge from earth to heaven capable of dissolving man-made barriers, closing gaps between cultures, faiths and nations.

Sri Chinmoy himself wrote, “Music is the universal language. We do not have to learn any particular language to communicate with others if we can play soulful music. Soulful music is next to meditation, and it carries the beauty and fragrance of silence, the message of the inner and higher worlds.”

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