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Dates and Times

12th – 20th June

Join us for a week long experience of the inner power of meditation.

 Learn practical techniques to inundate your life with positivity.

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085 145 0880



Sunday, 12 June (11.30am-12.30pm) – Nature Meditation in the Park

Discover the nature’s beauty through meditation, let nature bring forward the peace that lies deep inside us

Location: Merrion Square Park, Dublin 2

Mon-Wed, 13, 14 & 15 June (7-8.30pm) – 3 Evening Meditation Course

Special guest Jogyata Dalas from NZ

7 secrets of meditation –

Learning the essentials and deepening your practice. Exploring the wide canvas of differing techniques, with an emphasis on practice and guided meditations. Getting to know someone very special – yourself!


Venue: Dublin Sri Chinmoy Centre, 5 Little Fitzwilliam Place, D2

Thursday, 16 June (7-8.30pm) – An Evening of Mantra & Meditation

Music, mantras, sacred chants – the power of sound in cultivating silence. An inspirational evening sharing a selection of mantric songs from the vast spiritual legacy of composer/musician Sri Chinmoy

Venue: Dublin Sri Chinmoy Centre, 5 Little Fitzwilliam Place, D2

Friday, 17 June 7.30-8.30pm  –  Music for Inner Peace

Ananda – UK based music group


Venue: The Elbowroom, 32 Brunswick St. North, D7

Saturday, 18 June (10.30am-12pm) – Meditation Workshop with special guest Jogyata Dallas

Venue: Dublin Sri Chinmoy Centre, 5 Little Fitzwilliam Place, D2

Monday, 20 June (8 – 9pm) Sitar Meditation Concert with Kanala

Indian Sitar – Kanala Auer (Austria)

Indian Tabla – Sadanand Magee (Ireland)

Venue: Gandharva Loka, 62 South Great George’s Street, Dublin 2


The wisdom-teachings of humanity’s great masters runs like a beautiful river of knowledge throughout history, sharing with us deeper truths and insights that remind us who we really are, and what we are destined to become.

Offered by the Dublin Sri Chinmoy Centre as a contribution to a more peaceful world.


To register use the contact form at the bottom of the page

or text / call 085-1450880

Meditation is about uncovering the peace, beauty and joy you already have within yourself. That is why, at the request of our teacher Sri Chinmoy, we do not charge for these classes – we feel that in giving them we are only helping you to uncover what you already have.

The Dublin Sri Chinmoy Centre has been giving these free introductory courses since 1999, and in that time over 3,000 people have learnt the life-transforming art of meditation from our classes.

Everybody is different – some meditation techniques will work for some people and not for others. In our introductory courses we aim to introduce a wide variety of techniques to get you meditating effectively:

  • Controlling the breath
  • The power of concentration – the key to a good meditation practice
  • The power of soulful music – the next best thing to meditation
  • Meditating on the heart centre – the core of your being….
  • Mantras and mantric songs – an ancient way of tapping into a source of joy that lies within

In addition we will be covering several areas of importance in keeping a solid meditation practice:

  • The path of meditation and where it leads to
  • How to set up a daily meditation practice and stick to it
  • Integrating meditation with your daily life
  • Supporting your meditation practice and helping it grow

You don’t need to bring any special equipment with you, the only thing you need is comfortable clothing. To find out details of our next classes, please use our contact form.

We hope to see you there!

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