Festival of Meditation 2019


A week of meditation classes, workshops and concerts.

One of our main events was ‘Health, Fitness & Meditation’, an inspiring talk given by speaker Abhinabha Tangerman from Holland who has been practicing meditation for 20 years. Abhinabha introduced us to practical techniques to help you live from within to energise your body and mind. He combines his meditation practice with physical fitness and has run over 20 marathons, his best in an exceptional time of 2hrs 27minutes. Over the years, he has introduced thousands of people to the principles of practical meditation and modern day spiritual life.

We also had a concert by Mountain Silence, a female vocal and instrumental ensemble from Switzerland, who sing the meditative songs of Sri Chinmoy with the accompaniment of violin, cello, harmonium and guitar. Their beautiful arrangements create a sublime atmosphere for deep and uplifting meditation.