Why meditate?


Meditation mountain

To ease stress, we often become involved in a whole manner of mindless activities, many of which can only provide us with temporary relief. The stress continues. Sooner or later we are consulting doctors and therapists of one kind or another in the hope of ridding ourselves of the stress and its related issues – anxiety, anger and depression. There are an extraordinary amount of therapies advertised all over the city promising to deliver us from stress, depression, low self-esteem and so forth. Meditation, on the other hand, does not carry a price tag. It is yours to have and to develop.

Meditation does deliver. It is an authentic process of empowerment, which conventional wisdom tells us is the precursor of a stress-free life. Meditation is something you do for yourself. It is not something done to you or for you. It does not rely on anything or anyone and can be practiced anywhere. The release in stress meditation provides goes deeper than any relaxation technique, and has a more enduring an permanent effect. The peace that is borne from meditation cannot be bought.

Meditation is an inner journey, that takes us away from our ego self-consciousness and into our deepest, purest state – peace – without taking us out of ourselves to a state of self-forgetfulness or oblivion. The increased awareness developed from practicing meditation is the beginning of a more creative and integrated life. The fruits of an ongoing meditation practise are many, although as with all things worthwhile patience must be observed at the beginning.

Meditation is for everyone. It does not discriminate. Meditation calls on individuals from every walk of life. You do not have to belong to any particular religion; in fact, it doesn’t require that you be religious at all. However, an openess to the wonder and mystery of life is desirable. The invitation to meditation is one of exclusivity.

The meditation exercises provide us with a tangible, peaceful, living reality and not a pie-in-the-sky philosophy. It is a down to earth approach towards the challenges that come our way.

The very least that meditation asks of us is that we turn our attention to our internal life, and remain there in silence. Simplicity is an adjective that well describes meditation. That of course does not mean that it is an easy task – patience, effort, openness and willingess are prerequisites to achieve a satisfying meditation life.

Meditation is not a riddle to be solved or an enigma to be understood. Fundamentaly, it is about life and how it can be lived to the full.