What are the benefits of meditation?



Stresses and challenges in my life, coupled with curiosity, interest and longing led me to meditation classes held in the Dublin Sri Chinmoy Centre. I am a working mother with two teenage children and had heard and read of meditation, but misunderstood it to be something eastern and mythical – outside the realms of suburbia.

My introduction and subsequent classes disproved my thinking; meditation proved greatly beneficial and continues to be so; proving to me that meditation is not solely the domain of the eastern world religions or of mystic and those with alternative lifestyles but an essential and major place in anyone’s life in western society.

The most notable initial benefit for me was firstly a good night’s sleep!  Following years of interrupted and poor quality sleep – this was a side effect worth meditating for.  Meditation at the close of day; offers a time of relaxation, enabling the mind to “switch off”, stilling and quietening any racing repetitive thoughts from the day.  Stress levels become reduced and a time for quiet perspective prevails. A calm peaceful mind lends itself to a good night’s restorative rest.

With continued and regular practice, meditation gives me balance, peace, stillness; time to recharge and energise; to focus, gain strength and perspective.  It offers me an acceptance of myself and consequently acceptance of those I share my life and encounter.  I find it assists in dealing with the daily challenges of life; irritations, frustrations, dissapointments and annoyances lose their intensity and power.

Meditation curiously can be quite paradoxical: it contains – yet expands; grounds – yet elevates; shelters – yet exposes; calms – yet energises; inner peace and joy extend and expand into the outer world.

When I talk of the benefits of meditation, these do not happen overnight. Time, discipline and dedication to meditation reward with manifold benefits; physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual.  I find it difficult to articulate all the benefits and can only suggest that it is something you must do to find the benefits that you shall be rewarded with.