Documentary screening: The Spirit of a Runner (2009)

This documentary film is about the world’s longest certified foot race, but also about the limitless capacity of the human spirit.

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(Video: documentary trailer)

Filmmaker Jessie Beers-Altman shows us the 3100 Mile Race as experienced by veteran Suprabha Beckjord, whose 13-time completion of this epic race has marked her out as one of the greatest ultradistance runners in the world.

For Suprabha, running and meditation are part of the same onward journey towards self-perfection. A student of meditation teacher and 3100 Mile Race founder Sri Chinmoy since 1979, she faces a new challenge as she embarks upon the two-month journey for the first time since her teacher’s passing.

In creating The Spirit of a Runner, Beers-Altman has created a living testament to the joy of discovering what is truly possible if we can dare to believe in ourselves.

Venue: Lotus Yoga, 15 Wicklow St, Dublin 2
Date: Friday 1 October 8pm