Festival of Meditation and Well-being 2011


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Festival Speakers


Abhinabha Tangerman

Our weekend meditation workshop will be given by Abhinabha Tangerman from Holland. Abhinabha has been giving courses on meditation for almost 10 years, and has recently returned from giving a very well recieved of meditation courses in Brazil. A journalist by trade, he also tries to bring the inner capacities he gains through meditation into his atheltic and musical pursuits – the week after the workshop, he will be back in his native city of Amsterdam aiming to better his marathon personal best of 2:27. Abhinabha is also a very talented singer and arranger of Sri Chinmoy’s meditative music.





Samalya Schaefer

The intriguingly-titled ‘Bring Awareness and Intuition into your life’ workshop will be given by Samalya Schaefer from Berlin. Samalya travells frequently throughout Europe giving courses on meditation and balanced living. Like Abhinabha, he is also quite an accomplished runner, having recently set a PB of 4:18 in the men’s mile.




Mangala Keenan

Mangala will be giving a talk entitled ‘Meditations for the Workplace’, where she wil be sharing her experiences on how to maintain inner peace whilst keeping a business afloat! Originally an architect by profession, Mangala opened up the Joy-Fountain gift store on Dublin’s Royal Hibernian Way, which is now Dublin’s leading supplier of yoga equipment and meditation aids.

Originally from Russia, she has been giving meditation classes in Dublin for over ten years.



Sadanand Magee

For Sadanand, music and meditation are inseperable, and he will be giving a talk entitled ‘Bringing inner awareness to your music’, as well as performing in the festival concert.

An accomplished percussionist, he has toured over 15 countries with the international Songs of the Soul ensemble (including two Irish concerts in November 2010 and July 2011), and indeed will be performing in upcoming Songs of the Soul tours in Russia, the Ukraine, Eastern Europe and Bangladesh.


Festival events

Documentary: Ocean Monk

[swf file=”http://www.srichinmoy.tv/wp-content/uploads/media/ocean-monk-trailer-2906/Ocean-Monk-Film-Trailer.m4v” image=”http://www.srichinmoy.tv/wp-content/uploads/featured-images/ocean-monk-trailer-2906.png” width=”400″ height=”225″]

Ocean Monk chronicles the inner and outer search of a group of monks who make their home in New York City. Students of the late Indian teacher, Sri Chinmoy who lived in Queens for over 40 years, this band of friends discovered the beauty and power of the nearby surfing beaches and incorporated their love for the ocean into their search for enlightenment.

Ocean Monk explores the ideals which drive their life as well as the pounding winter surf which sustains them. The film includes appearances by Kelly Slater, Jack Johnson, Titus Kinimaka and Sri Chinmoy.

Ocean Monk opened the 2010 New York Surf Film Festival, the largest of its kind. In November 2010, it won the best Short Documentary in the prestigious St. Louis International Film Festival.

Concert: Music of inner peace

An audiovisual evocation of Sri Chinmoy’s concerts, where he played his haunting compositions on over a dozen instruments from around the world. The audience can view the peaceful melodies of the echo flute, the ethereal tones of the ancient Indian esraj, and the thundering cascades of the grand piano. Complemented by live choral performances by Sri Chinmoy’s students.